Myanmar - Travel Guide

Religious Customs

- When entering Buddhist Temples, Pagodas and religious environs, head wear such as hats and footwear such as shoes, socks and stockings are to be taken off.

- Buddhist Temples, Pagodas and religious sites are highly sacred places of worship in Myanmar. Wearing decent clothes is customary of the Myanmar people.

- High reverence and respect for the Sangha (the Buddhist monks) and the elderly people and tender care for the children are also customary of the Myanmar people.

Cultural norms

- Giving charity to the children or to the needed is only acceptable through the established social welfare organizations and associations. Individual charity by the road side in public is not allowed.

- Greeting with a smile is a customarily accepted cultural norm of the Myanmar people.

- It is a cultural norm to take off the shoes before entering a Myanmar home.

- Showing affection in public such as kissing and hugging is not an acceptable custom in Myanmar.

- Myanmar women, by tradition seek the approval of their parents and guardians before accepting the marriage

proposal. Married women in Myanmar are not socially accepted to have second marriage if not legally divorced.

- It is considered highly impolite to indicate something with your chin or your foot.

Guidelines for Safety and Security

- For the safety and security of the visitor and the environment it is recommended to accept and cooperate with the authorized personnel for any security check in Myanmar.

- Foreign tourists are allowed to travel to designated tourists destinations in Myanmar. Therefore, prior to your travel to a new place of visit, it is recommended to enquire for accurate information from a responsible authority or a licensed tour guide.

- International visitors should not contact any political activists, visit their offices and residences, and get involved in any of their political activities.

- Do not disturb in any way to those security personnel who are engaged in their duties for safety and security.

- Import or export of documents, photographs, VCDs, and CDs which are considered to be anti-government activities are totally prohibited.

- Taking photographs of any restricted areas, offices and posts, security personnel and their manoeuvres are totally prohibited.

Visiting Villages

- When visiting villages, find out about their customs and traditions and it is recommended to show respect to their norms.

- When taking photographs or videos of the indigenous national groups, it is recommended to avoid photographing their weaknesses or any such embarrassment.

Custom Duty

-Drug using and trafficking or money laundering, trading in antique items or transporting, buying and selling of restricted items are liable to severe punishment by law.


- Myanmar has such cultural and religious antiquities. There are Strict rules and regulations on the preservation and surveillance of antiquities, so kindly support the sustainability of Myanmar’s heritage.

- Antiquity includes any size or pieces of antique items and because protective restrictions laid down illegal possession and transportation, are liable to strict legal action.


- Foreign tourists are not allowed to be accommodated at homes in the residential areas of the cities or villages.

- Foreign tourists are only allowed to be accommodated at hotels, motels, inns and lodging houses granted with licenses to operate.

Minors (Children)

- Sexual exploitation of minors and young girls is strictly prohibited in Myanmar and legal action will be taken against any such violation.

- Help toward, the prevention of abuse and exploitation of children and women. It is the right of every human being especially children and women to be protected from abuse and exploitation in tourism sexual abuse of children and women is strictly prohibited in ASEAN Countries. Stern Legal action are taken to the sex offenders. The offenders who committed the sexual abuse of children overseas are deported to their home countries to face strict legal action against them.

- Child labour is strictly prohibited in Myanmar.

Means of Transport

- It is recommended to take necessary precautions when travelling by motor vehicles or boats which may cause danger to life.

- Only specified license can motor vehicles be driven. To take precaution against any car accidents. It is recommended to retrain from self driving.

Foreign Exchange

- Myanmar currency can be exchanged at the official rates quoted by authorized Foreign Exchange Counters at the international gateways or at the Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank.

- Any illegal Foreign Exchange transaction is punishable by law in Myanmar.

Contact with Government Agencies

- Prior permission is required for any meetings with the officials of the government offices in Myanmar.

- It is advisable to be informed of the procedures, rules and regulation of the tourism and tourism government

offices for the facilitation of your travel and during your stay in Myanmar.

Environment Protection

- As a responsible tourists for environmental protection contact only those service suppliers in the travel trade sector who are disciplined and follow the code of ethics for travellers. The natural environment is to be regarded and taken care of as our own residence.

Wildlife Protection

- Wildlife and Pastoral Protection are important components in responsible tourism. When travelling to National Parks, Wildlife, Sanctuaries, and Underwater Gardens, guidelines for the protection of the natural environment must be strictly followed by the visitors. Help protect wildlife and endangered species by refusing to collect any such souvenirs.

Preservation and Conservation of Historical Heritage

- The cultural and traditional norms vary from one region to another and from one country to another. Dress code is important. It is important to dress decently when visiting sacred religious places of worship, Pagodas, temples and monasteries. It is recommended to enquire about the dress code before the visit. When taking photographs or video ask for permission first. Be cautious of the place and time of photographing and seek approval, if required.

Respect the Culture and Customs

- Foreign tourists, are permitted to visit only the designated sites for the sustainability and conservation of historical heritage sites.

Economic Impact on the Local Community

- The expenditures of the visitors in the tourist destination have positive economic impact on the local community.

- It is recommended to purchase local products and support the local community. Bargaining is customary in many

- places but remember to offer a fair price.








Auspicious to you a!l

How are you?

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening

Good night / Good Bye

Thank you

Thank you very much

I cannot speak Myanmar

I don't understand

Do you understand?

May I take a photograph?

May I use the telephone?

Where is the restroom?

How much?

What's that?

Very expensive

See you again

Please to meet you.

Good iuck


Excuse me

It's all right

Yes (Male)

Yes (Female)



It's impossible,


I beg your pardon (Male)

I beg you pardon (Female)

Can I help you?



I want...


I want to go ...

Where is ...?

Turn left

Turn right

Straight ahead

Stop here

Slow down

Be careful

Be careful, don't drive too fast

Turn back

Keep the change

How much do I owe you?



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