Vietnam - Investment Opportunity

Investment Funds in Vietnam

There are a number of investment funds focusing primarily on Vietnam at the present time. Due to its strong on-the-ground presence and its focus on private equity, Mekong Capital has positioned itself as an early stage investor .It invests in companies which do not attract other funds for investment, works closely with those companies to make them more profitable and more attractive to other investors, and eventually introduces follow-on investment opportunities in its investee companies to other investment funds active in Vietnam.. Consequently we view other funds active in Vietnam as potential partners, not competitors.

Broadly, the funds operating primarily in Vietnam can be categorized as follows:

Funds focusing on Private Equity

  • Bank Invest’s Private Equity New Markets (PENM)
  • Mekong Capital's Mekong Enterprise Fund, Ltd.
  • Mekong Capital's Mekong Enterprise Fund II, Ltd.
  • Saigon Capital’s Saigon Phoenix Fund.

Funds focusing on Technology and Venture Capital

  • IDG Venture's IDG Vietnam Ventures Fund
  • VinaCapital's DFJ-VinaCapital LP.

Fund focusing on Real-estate

  • Saigon Asset Management Corporation’s Vietnam Property Holding (VPH)
  • Bao Tin Capital’s Bao Tin Real Estate Fund
  • Dragon Capital’s Vietnam Resource Investments
  • Indochina Capital's Indochina Land Holdings
  • Ireka Corporation Berhad’s Aseana Properties
  • JSM Capital Indochina’s JSM Indochina Ltd
  • Korea Investment Trust Management Co’s Vietnam Real-Estate Development Fund
  • VinaCapital’s Vietnam Infrastructure Limited (VNI)
  • VinaCapital's VinaL

Funds focusing on public equities, equitized companies and opportunistic investments

  • Saigon Asset Management Corporation’s Vietnam Equity Holding (VEH)
  • Bao Tin Capital’s Bao Tin Equity Fund
  • Bao Viet Fund Management Co.’s Bao Viet Investment Fund
  • Blackhorse Asset Management's Blackhorse Enhanced Vietnam Inc
  • BIDV-Vietnam Partners' Vietnam Investment Fund
  • Deutsche Bank's DWS Vietnam Fund
  • Deutsche Bank's DWS Vietnam Fund
  • Dragon Capital Management's Vietnam Enterprise Investments Ltd. (VEIL)
  • Dragon Capital Management's Vietnam Growth Fund Limited
  • Dragon Capital Management's Vietnam Dragon Fund
  • Finansa's Vietnam Equity Fund
  • Golden Bridge Financial Group's Vina Blue Ocean Fund
  • Hanoi Fund Management’s Hanoi Fund
  • Indochina Capital's Indochina Capital Vietnam Holdings
  • Jardine Fleming's JF Vietnam Opportunities Fund
  • Jardine Flemings' JF Vietnam Opportunities Fund
  • Kamm Investment Company's Kamm Investment Holdings
  • Korea Investment Trust Management's Vietnam Growth Fund
  • Korea Investment Trust Management's Worldwide Vietnam Fund
  • Korea Investment Trust Management Co’s China and Vietnam Fund
  • Korea Investment Trust Management Co’s KITMC RSP Balanced Fund
  • Korea Investment Trust Management Co’s KITMC Vietnam Growth Fund I and II
  • Korea Investment Trust Management Co’s KITMC Worldwide Vietnam Fund I and II
  • Korea Investment Trust Management Co’s Vietnam Oilfield Fund.


Local currency Vietnamese dong (VND)

Dialling code from UK +84

GDP 2009: US 91.764.0 bn (est.); US $1,052.206 per capita (est.)

Vietnam's economy grew by 5.32 percent in 2009, making it one of the top expanding economies in the region despite the global financial crisis. The economy saw a double achievement of gaining economic growth and reining in inflation. While growth in 2009 was lower compared to the previous year's 6.18 percent it was still able to top the government's 5 percent target. During the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2009 the economy grew by 6.04 percent and 6.9 percent compared to the previous year indicating the economy was responding well to the government stimulus policies. The rise in the average consumer price index for the same period was the lowest in the past six years at 6.88 percent.

The UK is the 17th largest investor in Vietnam with total of 2.151 billion USD in Vietnam. (third largest EU investor).

Vietnam is designated as one of UKTI's High Growth Markets.