Thailand - Arts & Crafts


Arts and crafts in Thailand go on to make Thailand's cultural heritage more enriched and truly add to the traditional history of Thailand. Thailand has always enjoyed a very peaceful regime and thus has enjoyed the court's patronization. Thailand's thus rich heritage of art and culture get their true expressions only through the beautiful baskets, earthenware and silverware. The Thai art and culture also represents basic traditions of village life.

Thailand has an impressive line up of Thai art and crafts/ handicrafts. Thai textile is one of world's best textiles in existence. The products made out of these textiles also go on to be described as the best collection of artifacts.


Crafts in Thailand comprise many spectacular and stunning collection of earthenware and pottery. Thai customs and rituals also play a key role in the Thai art and crafts as they often form the theme of the art.

Thai handicrafts and home décor products are made out of reed, mangoweed, celadon sculpted items. Thai handicraft products include articles made out of woven reed which is a traditional Thai craft. The best products made out of reeds are reed mats and other decorative products. Products made out of materials like bamboo are bamboo bags. Other categories of handicrafts include egg shell handicraft, ceramic handicraft, monarch handicraft, casket handicraft, black ant handicrafts while a special type called handicrafts from Thailand include Handicraft, Art, Antique Art Pieces, Paper Handicraft Gecko, Wooden Motorbike Racer, Photo Sa Paper Handicrafts. All the articles can be found at retail stores selling these products at affordable prices. The articles can also be found at shopping malls.

The Thais have always been fierce patrons of art and culture. Thailand has produced many types of modern and contemporary art. Thailand has patronized many types of art.

However, the art scene in Thailand is found to be flourishing in and around Bangkok. The artists are constantly producing different types of artistic goods all over Thailand. Artists stick to a typical type of art form like traditional Buddhist depictions which are found to be very popular among the people. Thai art describes and depicts controversial issues and issues related to the rural life and degradation of normal values. Thailand has many universities teaching art as a discipline and many galleries as well organizing many exhibitions. Silapakom University stands out among the rest. Thus Thailand boasts of an amazing collection of art and handicrafts that enhances the heritage of the land.